Healthier South Wirral came together to learn about Quality Improvement

Last week, Healthier South Wirral came together to learn about Quality Improvement during an online session with members of NHS England.

We are always trying to improve our services and way of working for our patients and for our surgeries, so every training session is important to us. We shared many ideas during this session and had a go at some activities that applied to our main projects. Many of our team found this hands on approach beneficial and effective.

Our aim is: Changing things that consistently result in improvement.

We found coming together for this session very useful and informative, and we learnt new ways to communicate our plans across our Primary Care Network which in result, benefits our patients. We thought about what we want to improve within our network, how much we want to improve it by, and when we want to accomplish this improvement by. We are very excited to implement our new planning structures within our team.

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