Clinical Pharmacist

We now have a clinical pharmacist working at the practice on select days each week! Pharmacists are registered healthcare professionals that have completed a four year masters degree in university and a training year in practice to allow them to become experts in medicines and their uses. Our pharmacist can help you understand and get the best out of your medicines and can advise on any potential side effects. They can also manage any monitoring such as blood pressure checks and blood tests. If you are due a review of your medicines, want to know more about them or are worried you may be experiencing any side effects ask reception about booking in.

Civic Medical Centre: As of 20/07/20 ALL patients who require an appointment with a GP, nurse practitioner or have an administration query/request will need to complete an online e-consultation form. Patients will receive a response within 2 working days (1 day for children). Our reception team will assist those patients who are unable to use this service.